At the actual office, I was satisfied with Phlebotomist Willa's expertise during three visits in January 2022. Her Assistant was being well-trained. Their work is challenging during the ongoing, global covid-19 pandemic.

Sheryl T

Willia and Veni-Phleb are simply amazing! I am just thrilled to have found her. Her communication, attitude, and service are just fantastic. She travels to you, provides a much-needed service, and makes the blood draw seem painless! There aren't enough stars here to show my appreciation!


I had an awesome experience here!! Both young ladies working were so kind and gentle with me, which makes such a big difference especially when you have a fear of needles like I do. It was quick, easy, and convenient, I would recommend Veni-Phleb labs to anyone!

Kimberly Sterling

My employer has had the pleasure of working with Veni-Phleb since April and this company has delivered exceptional service to our transplant community. Veni-Phleb is willing to go above and beyond, even flying to remote destinations to collect samples from immunosuppressed patients.


Ms. Willa was amazing! She did a blood draw on my 5 year old and my 3 year old. She talked directly to them and explained everything. Even my son who has major anxiety had a painless experience. I will go out of my way to use this service again in the future. I couldn't be more pleased.

Rhonda Renise

This mobile phlebotomy company is right on time at such a time as this! I have children with food and plant allergies and just didn't feel comfortable taking them to a public office. Veni-phleb are timely, professional, knowledgeable and great with all ages especially children. Having professional service like this at your convenience is a God-send!